Special thanks to the following photographers for sharing their photos in 365 Promises.


Barry has a passion to create an atmosphere where God can speak directly to people. He loves to use every form of media to accomplish this goal including capturing snapshots of God's creation. His photos include shots from Canada, England, Finland, USA and even as far away as New Zealand. Barry & his wife Ann founded Father Heart Communications in 2000, the sponsor of, and They reside in Canada. 

Eric Boldt lives in Alberta and enjoys the wide variety of landscapes to photograph. From the badlands in southern Alberta, to the Rocky Mountains there is an endless supply of beautiful scenery. He is currently attending Ambrose University College, where he is working towards a business degree. Besides photography he enjoys playing a variety of sports and spending time with his friends.

Glen Bylsma lives with his wife, Shelly, their 2 children in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario. Glen has always enjoyed spending time with God with beautiful nature surrounding him.


David Costello lives in Massachusetts, USA, and works full time as an artist. Since 1995 his focus has been to depict what the Lord has given him in dreams and visions - to portray the Lord's heart through art. In 2005 he traveled to Antarctica and took many pictures there, some of which have been used in this project.

Jeanne Costello lives in Massachusetts, USA. She has a sterling silver jewelry business and is also involved in many aspects of ministry.. She has been involved in the arts all her life. She loves to take pictures as she sees things in a frame. Her pictures included here were all taken in New Zealand. You can find out more about David and Jeanne Costello at

Carl Dyck lives in Canada and has captured many of his photos in the rugged Canadian landscape of Alberta and the Northwest Territories. He is currently working his way through an Engineering degree at the University of Calgary. Somewhere between the homework, sports, Bible studies, and friends he finds some time to get out into the wilderness, then some of the beautiful landscapes he has witnessed find their way onto his hard drive.

Jeff is a professional photographer and a high school teacher. Jeff loves to travel and his photographs have been taken in Canada and as far away as Japan. To view more of Jeff's photography, visit

Mark has been involved in photography since childhood. Most of Mark’s photography is now landscapes and portraiture. He has a wide portfolio taken in many different countries around the world where he seeks to catch the local people going about their daily work. He has travelled to Uganda several times and some of his photographs have been used by a charity working with children and healthcare in their promotional literature. Mark is based in Oxfordshire, England and is also developing a small gallery on the Island of Skye in Scotland. His photographic website is which has the theme “The Beauty of Creation”.Mark and his wife, Fiona, also host “A Father to YOU”. A ministry pointing people to the heart of the Father.

James Jordan used to be a professional deer hunter who roamed the mountains of New Zealand in his younger days. He is a gifted communicator who travels the world sharing the message of God's Fatherheart for the world. Many of James' photos are from his home country but also has photos as far away as Brazil. To find out more about James', go to

Vern Martens owns his own painting contracting company in Canada and has been taking photographs much of his life. Vern's contribution to this project are photographs from his recent trip to Yosemite State Park in California.

Jan Rijnbeek is in the construction industry in New Zealand and has also travelled the world withFatherheart Ministries sharing the message of the Father's love. He loves photography and captured an amazing New Zealand sunset in Promise # 357.

Martin Smith is a professional in the Christian music industry but has a passion for many artistic expressions including photograpy. Many of Martin's photos have been taken in Canada and as far away as Hawaii.

Steve Taylor lives and works in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. He is primarily a landscape and portrait photographer. Steve is part of the leadership team of XCEL church based in the small island town of Portree. EXCEL is a ministry whose heart is to reach out to the community with the compassion and love of Father God.