About 365Promises.com
This website features a Bible promise for each day of the year. Each promise has been paraphrased in the 'first person' (from God's perspective) to help make each promise more personal to you.

There are many ways that you can experience these promises...

1. Experience A Promise Of The Day Devotional Thought

Each day, Barry Adams, author of Father's Love Letter, writes reflections on the promise of the day. You can subscribe to the daily promise blog through our RSS feed and you can share these thoughts with your friends through your favorite social media. You may also want to make 365promises.com your home page so every day you go online, a new promises awaits.

2. Scroll Through All 365 Promises in the Photo Gallery Section
While there is a promise each day, you have full access to all 365 promises through our photo gallery. Choose which month you want to view and each promise will appear in a thumbnail format. If you click on any one of the photos in the gallery, you can scroll through each one of the photos in the gallery.

3. Search All Entire Promise Data Base
If you are looking for a specific promise or Bible verse, the fastest way to find it is to use our new search feature. Just type in a word/Bible verse you are looking for. ie. the word 'love' or a favorite Scripture verse. All of the promises that include a reference to your search word will appear in our search engine.

Each Promise Is For You!
If you have made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, each one of the promises on this website is for you! If you have not yet encountered the love of God expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, we hope that by reading these promises, you may get even a small picture of how wonderful God is and what incredible plan and purpose He has for your life.

We know that these promises will not compete with the fast-paced movies and television that we are used to watching in our culture. However, I do believe that if you take time to allow these promises to take root, you may be surprized at what begins to happen in your life. I think the following comments from a visitor really capture the heart of this site...

"I believe that when people allow themselves time to be quiet, God will truly speak wonderful things to their heart. These promises are made to those who will take time to listen. They won't compete with the noise of the world, nor try to wow with special effects, but they are for the hurting, the weak and the searching."

We pray that every promise will be a blessing to you.

In Father's amazing, extravagant love,

Barry & Ann Adams
Father Heart Communications